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Exploring Intensity

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New Study May Have Found the Best Way to Warm Up

FIFA 11+. That is not the most memorable name, but you’ll want to keep it on file because according to a new meta-study it may be the best way to warm up before a workout, if you want to reduce the chances of being injured during your workout. This meta-study[…]

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What Time of Day Is Best To Workout?

Pretty much everything you need to know is explained in this sub-minute video, including a few things we won’t discuss. But in case you don’t want to sit through the pre-roll ad, essentially the video says most evidence points to late afternoon as the best time to work out. But,[…]

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How to be Smart About Your Coffee Addiction

We are not anti-coffee here at Cardio High. In fact we have published articles that support drinking coffee before a workout. But we also know that some people get you into trouble because they think they need to guzzle it constantly to adequately function. A new study may be useful as a guide[…]

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Substitute Afternoon Snacking With Exercise

Staring at our screens or shuffling around papers or talking to our bosses seem to always make us want to reach for a handful of something sugary or salty. It’s a way many people reduce stress and alleviate boredom. But those extra calories from anxiety/boredom snacks do nothing for us except[…]

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Why Exactly Does Your Heart Love Exercise?

A new study with mice may give us a better idea of why exactly exercise is such a benefit for our hearts down to the cellular level. Researchers put mice on tiny treadmills and made them run for a half hour to mimic a good bout of exercise. The control[…]

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How Hard Should I Workout?

We get asked the following question quite a bit at Cardio High: How hard should I workout? Should I be in the orange zone (80% of heart rate max) for 20 minutes? We answer the question in the following four semi-vague replies: 1. Monitor how you feel. If you finish[…]

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Don’t Look at This Infographic if You Love Bacon

While we swear we aren’t bacon haters, we also can’t just ignore this troubling infographic that points to some of the worst traits of the delicious processed meat. And, as this article points out, since our bacon lust seems to be increasing, this is even more important.  

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Can You Rewire Your Brain to Like Exercise More?

A new study shows that the brain can be more powerful than the body, as long as you put yourself in the right frame of mind. Brock University researchers wanted to research how mental outlook can help people struggling to hit their workout goals. They studied 18 cyclists with competition experience,[…]

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