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Exploring Intensity


Beware the Naked Juice

Maybe you already knew this, and it should come as no surprise, but there are a lot of “healthy juices” out there which are in fact not much healthier than soda. Some of the green juice concoctions that contain health wonders like kale are on the unhealthy list. Why? A new lawsuit is[…]

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Study: Your Liver Wants Exercise

Here is a study we can drink to. Issues with the liver are not always related to alcohol, but in fact can stem from either being overweight or genetics. There’s a common condition called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and it can, down the line, lead to cirrhosis. Mark G of[…]

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Is Yoga Exercise? New Study Says Not Really

We need to start this piece out by saying that we don’t want you to stop going to your yoga class. Many great things can come from doing a downward facing dog. But, if you are choosing yoga over hitting the gym, thinking that you’re getting a good dose of[…]

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Your Brain is An Exercise Junkie

Exercise is one of the best ways to help your brain operate at full capacity. But much like the other recent study that found muscles need to be constantly used or else all the work goes down the drain, a new study shows that the effects of exercise on your brain[…]

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Find Your Gait at The Boston Running Center

Boston is a great city for fitness. There are dozens of fitness experts in a wide variety of disciplines scattered around Boston. If you enjoy running, and you want to improve your technique to run faster or to prevent injury, pay a visit to The Boston Running Center located next[…]

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How High Intensity Cools Down Hot Flashes

We admit that many of our pieces don’t focus exclusively on women. To our defense, that’s because so few studies actually focus on women. But two new studies are different, showing that high intensity fitness may be one of the greatest ways to relieve hot flashes. First off, what is a[…]

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Why Your Diet May Soon Include Teff

If you haven’t heard of teff, don’t worry — just because it has been a main component of meals in Ethiopia for years doesn’t mean that you should be an expert. But you might want to see if the grain is something to pick up. Teff is, according to this article,[…]

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Why are We Scared of Fatty Foods? It’s a Conspiracy

We’re not too conspiracy-minded around here at Cardio High, but a new report that goes all the way back to the 1960s shows that America’s hatred of fat may stem from an unlikely culprit: the sugar lobby. Think we’re making this up? Check out the following from this article: The documents[…]

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Laughter May be a Great Workout Supplement

When we think of a gym workout, “laughter” is not a word that usually comes up. Pretty much every adjective and adverb that comes with high intensity is the opposite of having a good chuckle. But a new study says that this may be a valuable tool — it turns[…]

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Workouts For The Fall

Summer is an awesome time to get outside of the gym and play sports, go for hikes, surf, paddleboard etc. While these activities are often more fun than holding a plank, they can lead to minor joint and muscle strains. We suggest using Fall as a way to get back into[…]

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