Cardio High Report

Cardio High Report

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How Hard Should I Workout?

We get asked the following question quite a bit at Cardio High: How hard should I workout? Should I be in the orange zone (80% of heart rate max) for 20 minutes? We answer the question in the following four semi-vague replies: 1. Monitor how you feel. If you finish[…]

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Find Your Gait at The Boston Running Center

Boston is a great city for fitness. There are dozens of fitness experts in a wide variety of disciplines scattered around Boston. If you enjoy running, and you want to improve your technique to run faster or to prevent injury, pay a visit to The Boston Running Center located next[…]

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Workouts For The Fall

Summer is an awesome time to get outside of the gym and play sports, go for hikes, surf, paddleboard etc. While these activities are often more fun than holding a plank, they can lead to minor joint and muscle strains. We suggest using Fall as a way to get back into[…]

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Cardio High To-Go 3.0

Many of our clients will be traveling this summer, and they want to know: “What’s the best way to keep up interval training while on vacation…?” This is our third Cardio High To-Go workout posted on this blog. Each of these exercises can be done with just bodyweight or props[…]

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Heat and Humidity >> More Red Zone

I took my daughters to see The Miami Open, a pro tennis tournament with all the big names. Between outings of watching the pros, I found some time to go out and hit a few tennis balls with a local pro. I strapped on the Polar monitor to track the intensity[…]

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Dealing with Pain 1.0

If you accidentally ask an aging athlete, “How are you feeling?” – you are likely to get a 10-minute monologue on the deterioration and pain of various body parts. At Cardio High we are acutely focused on how exercise makes our clients feel during and after a workout. Our aim[…]

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Review: Drop Dead Healthy

We recently read Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs, and it’s the perfect compliment to our new Cardio High Healthy Habits program. Jacobs spent two years trying to become the world’s healthiest person. He visited with diet gurus, exercise professionals and dozens of other experts for almost every part of the body. The[…]

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