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Study: Standing is Not Exercise

We need to sit less. This has pretty much been proven in studies during the last couple years. Our desk jobs are killing us, and we need to stand up and stretch our legs every fifteen minutes, at least. Many of us aren’t thinking we need to stand up just for our[…]

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Study: High Intensity Erases Diabetes Risk

A new study that spanned 20 years has shown a significant correlation between large amounts of high-intensity cardio exercise and low amounts of Type 2 Diabetes. Researchers at the University of Minnesota gathered together 4,000 men and women back in the mid-80s. They were all tested for their cardiac fitness,[…]

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What Is HRV?

Not every heartbeat is the same. While we tend to focus on our max heart rate when we’re working out, there is a lot more going on that we may not be paying attention to. While we may know out resting heart rate, what do we know about our HRV?[…]

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Another Day, Another Study Out Against Sitting

If you haven’t already gotten it through your head that sitting is bad news, a new study out of Brazil has added to the mountain of evidence that your chair may be one of your worst enemies. And this is a pretty big study that looked at data from a[…]

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Can Money Help You Exercise?

Do you think you would exercise more if you were paid for it? These questions have come up before, and a new study looked at the efficacy of multiple payment plans to potentially compel people to workout more. There were four groups, each one having to walk 7,000 steps a day.[…]

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High Intensity… On Ice?

We support new and exciting ways to get a good workout, especially one that utilizes high-intensity moves, but this British approach, called Rebel Ice, leaves us feeling a little… cold. Yes, the entire session HIIT session takes place on an ice rink. And this is not just puttering around the[…]

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What is Your Workout Missing? Competition

Whether it’s Jobs vs. Gates or Brady vs. Manning, competition has been at the heart of many exceptional accomplishments. But the power that can be harnessed by rivalries doesn’t stop at inventions or pro sports — it can also help us improve when it comes to exercise. This Outside article shows that[…]

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Are You Really Listening to Your Body?

This Greatist article points out something we ourselves have battled with before — when someone says you need to “listen to your body” during a workout, what exactly does that mean? Often, especially when we’re doing a high intensity workout, we might hear our body telling us to slow down.[…]

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Why High Intensity May be the Only Way to Exercise

A new meta-study, at first glance, is absolutely devastating. It says that the recommended 30 minutes a day of a exercise that is recommended by the American Heart Association and others may be a little inadequate. Okay, it may be seriously inadequate. As in, you may need 60 minutes or even[…]

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