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Don’t Look at This Infographic if You Love Bacon

While we swear we aren’t bacon haters, we also can’t just ignore this troubling infographic that points to some of the worst traits of the delicious processed meat. And, as this article points out, since our bacon lust seems to be increasing, this is even more important.  

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New Study Shows That Lifestyle Trumps Genes

You can’t change your genetic makeup. But while many of us consider this fact a reason to give up and let nature take its course, a new meta-study shows that our actions speak louder than our genes. Looking at a whopping 55,000 different people’s genetic makeup, researchers were able to[…]

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Fight the Holiday Binge with Exercise

Listen, we get it — no matter what you tell yourself and no matter how hard you try to be good, you are probably going to overeat during the holidays. If you stress over it too much you may wind up eating even more. So while we have our own[…]

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Always Tired? Maybe it’s Your Phone

We at Cardiohigh see three crucial things for a healthy life: diet, exercise and sleep. And while we spend plenty of time talking about the importance of the first two, we don’t spend that much time on the third. But a new study about phone usage and sleep is something[…]

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Study: Your Liver Wants Exercise

Here is a study we can drink to. Issues with the liver are not always related to alcohol, but in fact can stem from either being overweight or genetics. There’s a common condition called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and it can, down the line, lead to cirrhosis. Mark G of[…]

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Is Yoga Exercise? New Study Says Not Really

We need to start this piece out by saying that we don’t want you to stop going to your yoga class. Many great things can come from doing a downward facing dog. But, if you are choosing yoga over hitting the gym, thinking that you’re getting a good dose of[…]

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Your Brain is An Exercise Junkie

Exercise is one of the best ways to help your brain operate at full capacity. But much like the other recent study that found muscles need to be constantly used or else all the work goes down the drain, a new study shows that the effects of exercise on your brain[…]

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