Is Yoga Exercise? New Study Says Not Really

We need to start this piece out by saying that we don’t want you to stop going to your yoga class. Many great things can come from doing a downward facing dog. But, if you are choosing yoga over hitting the gym, thinking that you’re getting a good dose of[…]

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Your Brain is An Exercise Junkie

Exercise is one of the best ways to help your brain operate at full capacity. But much like the other recent study that found muscles need to be constantly used or else all the work goes down the drain, a new study shows that the effects of exercise on your brain[…]

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Laughter May be a Great Workout Supplement

When we think of a gym workout, “laughter” is not a word that usually comes up. Pretty much every adjective and adverb that comes with high intensity is the opposite of having a good chuckle. But a new study says that this may be a valuable tool — it turns[…]

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Study: A Hot Bath is a Form of Low-Intensity Exercise

The finding that a hot bath = exercise might fit in the “Too good to be true” column, but a new study is showing evidence that soaking in a hot bath can actually have some benefits similar to exercise. A British researcher had subjects take baths at 104 degrees and also[…]

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Don’t Want That Knee Operation? Try Exercise

If you have a torn meniscus in middle age, you may think that your only option is surgery. In fact, this kind of knee operation happens around 700,000 times a year. But a new study says that skipping the surgery and instead doing certain exercises will work just as well.[…]

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Study: Standing is Not Exercise

We need to sit less. This has pretty much been proven in studies during the last couple years. Our desk jobs are killing us, and we need to stand up and stretch our legs every fifteen minutes, at least. Many of us aren’t thinking we need to stand up just for our[…]

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The Problems With a Gluten-Free Diet

We don’t want to wade into the increasingly tumultuous argument over who does and doesn’t have celiac disease. It’s not our job here to judge what anyone thinks they may or may not have. But, with that said, there are some important things to know about gluten and your body.[…]

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Are You Making These Mistakes On Your Run?

Greatist has released a list of things that you may be doing wrong which could be hindering your running success, and it is pretty extensive. 14 different mistakes are listed and we won’t dig through them all (feel free to yourself, of course). Instead we will point to five notes[…]

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