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How to be Smart About Your Coffee Addiction

We are not anti-coffee here at Cardio High. In fact we have published articles that support drinking coffee before a workout. But we also know that some people get you into trouble because they think they need to guzzle it constantly to adequately function. A new study may be useful as a guide[…]

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Substitute Afternoon Snacking With Exercise

Staring at our screens or shuffling around papers or talking to our bosses seem to always make us want to reach for a handful of something sugary or salty. It’s a way many people reduce stress and alleviate boredom. But those extra calories from anxiety/boredom snacks do nothing for us except[…]

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Don’t Look at This Infographic if You Love Bacon

While we swear we aren’t bacon haters, we also can’t just ignore this troubling infographic that points to some of the worst traits of the delicious processed meat. And, as this article points out, since our bacon lust seems to be increasing, this is even more important.  

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Beware the Naked Juice

Maybe you already knew this, and it should come as no surprise, but there are a lot of “healthy juices” out there which are in fact not much healthier than soda. Some of the green juice concoctions that contain health wonders like kale are on the unhealthy list. Why? A new lawsuit is[…]

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Why Your Diet May Soon Include Teff

If you haven’t heard of teff, don’t worry — just because it has been a main component of meals in Ethiopia for years doesn’t mean that you should be an expert. But you might want to see if the grain is something to pick up. Teff is, according to this article,[…]

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Why are We Scared of Fatty Foods? It’s a Conspiracy

We’re not too conspiracy-minded around here at Cardio High, but a new report that goes all the way back to the 1960s shows that America’s hatred of fat may stem from an unlikely culprit: the sugar lobby. Think we’re making this up? Check out the following from this article: The documents[…]

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Is High Protein Beer The Next Big Thing?

Many of us are going to find excuses to drink after a workout. But is there a way to actually make post exercise beer do some good for your body? A few companies are trying, with mixed results. Protein-rich beers are now on the market, claiming that they will help you[…]

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