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A Cardio High = A Beer Buzz

If you are an exerciser, there is a good chance you’re a drinker. That is what the studies show. But we were wondering; Is that a good thing? Of course, common sense would make us believe that it is indeed detrimental to drink after a workout, as all of those calories you[…]

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High Intensity Exercise Benefits the Liver

We don’t see enough high-intensity studies that involve mice, but a new study that put them through exercise showed that one of the biggest benefits of HIIT involves our livers. We have seen studies showing HIIT increases our insulin sensitivity. What is that? We’ll quote an earlier post: Insulin resistance is[…]

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New Study Says Coffee Is Healthy

There is another reason to get out of bed if you’re an avid coffee drinker, and it’s not just to guzzle an early morning cup of joe. According to a new study, coffee lovers are drinking to their health. A very, very extensive study followed over 200,000 doctors and nurses for[…]

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Forget Your BMI, and Look at Your Belly

This is one of those studies that we hate to talk about. It both uses extensive data and points to one thing that many of us can’t seem to lose even if we’re constantly exercising — our beer bellies. Researchers followed over 15,000 people for 14 years and paid very close[…]

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No, it is Not Harder to Lose Weight in 2015

Multiple news stories are declaring that it is harder to lose weight in 2015 than it was a few decades ago. A study out of a York University in Toronto looked at tons of data on American diets, physical activity and body weight, and they concluded that a person eating and exercising[…]

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Should Part of Your Diet Be an Earlier Bedtime?

A very interesting study has just been released that makes a connection we would have never made ourselves: that between your bedtime and your weight gain. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley followed over 3,000 subjects from adolescence in 1996 all the way up to 2009. Looking at as[…]

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Study: Some Fruits and Veggies are Better Than Others

If you were waiting for a time when comparing apples to oranges made sense, then this new study is exactly what you’re looking for. Researchers followed 133,000 people for about 24 years to see what effect their fruit and vegetable intakes had on their weight. They checked in every four[…]

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Does Your Heart Need More Protein?

Protein is constantly being prescribed for those who are trying to bulk up their muscles or go that extra distance when they’re training. But a new study points to evidence that a diet high in the protein may be a great way to keep a certain muscle in working order:[…]

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You Need More Spice in Your Life, Literally

If you are a bland food lover, then you can skip the rest of this article. If you avoid anything that is one-alarm or up then you are not going to be happy with this new study which says that spices may do much more for your body than just[…]

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Has Obesity Hit its Limit?

The increasing waistline of Americans has been making headlines for years. But we’ve got some good news: America is cutting back on the calories. It looks like people are finally starting to get the hint that stuffing your face is a bad idea. They may even understand that gorging on[…]

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