Fight the Holiday Binge with Exercise

Listen, we get it — no matter what you tell yourself and no matter how hard you try to be good, you are probably going to overeat during the holidays. If you stress over it too much you may wind up eating even more. So while we have our own[…]

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Always Tired? Maybe it’s Your Phone

We at Cardiohigh see three crucial things for a healthy life: diet, exercise and sleep. And while we spend plenty of time talking about the importance of the first two, we don’t spend that much time on the third. But a new study about phone usage and sleep is something[…]

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Beware the Naked Juice

Maybe you already knew this, and it should come as no surprise, but there are a lot of “healthy juices” out there which are in fact not much healthier than soda. Some of the green juice concoctions that contain health wonders like kale are on the unhealthy list. Why? A new lawsuit is[…]

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Workouts For The Fall

Summer is an awesome time to get outside of the gym and play sports, go for hikes, surf, paddleboard etc. While these activities are often more fun than holding a plank, they can lead to minor joint and muscle strains. We suggest using Fall as a way to get back into[…]

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Your Gym Partners Affect Your Gym Performance

Your parents would always lecture you on the company you keep when you were a kid, and this new study shows they may have had a point. It turns our that the health and fitness of those around around you affects your own performance. Researchers took 24 people and had them[…]

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Study: A Hot Bath is a Form of Low-Intensity Exercise

The finding that a hot bath = exercise might fit in the “Too good to be true” column, but a new study is showing evidence that soaking in a hot bath can actually have some benefits similar to exercise. A British researcher had subjects take baths at 104 degrees and also[…]

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Don’t Want That Knee Operation? Try Exercise

If you have a torn meniscus in middle age, you may think that your only option is surgery. In fact, this kind of knee operation happens around 700,000 times a year. But a new study says that skipping the surgery and instead doing certain exercises will work just as well.[…]

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Is Pokemon Go Actually Good Exercise?

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go yet, we’re not sure where you’ve been hanging out. The “augmented reality” mobile app game has become all the rage, with people wandering around, trying to catch each and every creature that exists in their city. But we wondered — does playing the game[…]

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