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Does Alcohol Enhance The Workout Experience?

We have discussed the potential pros and cons of using marijuana before a workout, and it seems that according to multiple people there is no definitive answer as to whether or not it’s a good idea. We know clients and friends who like sports (platform tennis, golf) that are often played[…]

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Healthy Habit #12: Red Wine + Dark Chocolate

So we just advised you to limit added sugar. But now we’re going to say it’s OK to eat a little dark chocolate – and to drink a little red wine. We recently read the book Spring Chicken, Stay Young Forever (or Die Trying) by Bill Gifford. He busts many[…]

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Healthy Habit #11: Limit Added Sugar

Diet advice can be confusing. Eggs are bad for you. No wait, eggs are good for you. Eat less fat because fat makes you fat. No wait, there are good fats. Eat more good fats. Through the sea of advice that we read – we have yet to see a[…]

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Another Day, Another Study Out Against Sitting

If you haven’t already gotten it through your head that sitting is bad news, a new study out of Brazil has added to the mountain of evidence that your chair may be one of your worst enemies. And this is a pretty big study that looked at data from a[…]

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Foam Roll to Reduce Muscle Pain

Muscle knots are kind of a mystery, but foam rolling is very real. Try to foam roll once every other day – ideally before you exercise. Foam rolling, also called self-myofascial release (SMR), reduces soreness and increases flexibility. SMR has been shown to increase blood flow, break up scar tissue[…]

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Are You Making These Mistakes On Your Run?

Greatist has released a list of things that you may be doing wrong which could be hindering your running success, and it is pretty extensive. 14 different mistakes are listed and we won’t dig through them all (feel free to yourself, of course). Instead we will point to five notes[…]

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Can Money Help You Exercise?

Do you think you would exercise more if you were paid for it? These questions have come up before, and a new study looked at the efficacy of multiple payment plans to potentially compel people to workout more. There were four groups, each one having to walk 7,000 steps a day.[…]

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