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Are You Losing Weight Running? If No, Here’s Why

Some people love running. They think that it tops every other form of exercise when it comes to feeling good about your body and yourself. And some people looking to lose weight would rather run than do anything. But sometimes those runs are barely affecting the scale. And if your[…]

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High Intensity… On Ice?

We support new and exciting ways to get a good workout, especially one that utilizes high-intensity moves, but this British approach, called Rebel Ice, leaves us feeling a little… cold. Yes, the entire session HIIT session takes place on an ice rink. And this is not just puttering around the[…]

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Influence Your Spouse to Exercise: Monkey See…

While we all know the trope of the wife or husband that seems to expertly tune out their significant other, there is a new study that shows when it comes to physical fitness, actions are far more persuasive than words. First off, this NY Times article notes a lot of[…]

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The Next Wearable Device May Test Your Sweat

Sodium, Potassium, Glucose. Lactate and Body Temperature. Your next sweatband may be able to measure all of these thanks to a new technology. We pay attention to heart rate at Cardio High. But you may be surprised how much sweat can tell us. The devices measuring content of sweat may be a[…]

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What is Your State’s Favorite Workout? This Map Tells You

Thanks to Vox, if you were ever wondering which state in America can’t get enough bigger butt exercises (Maryland) or which state absolutely adores burpees (North Carolina), their map of unique workout searches by state is truly fascinating. For one reason, it’s because some of these workouts are pretty weird.[…]

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Here’s Why the Age of Cramps May be Over

First of all, let’s get over some commonly known facts that are, in fact, untrue: Neither heat nor dehydration lead to cramps. We know — you have been told for years that too little water will cause muscles to spasm with painful cramps. But there may be a new, effective approach to[…]

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ABE: Always Be Exercising

We all have lapses when it comes to exercise. No matter how important we know it is, and no matter what we do to try and fit it into our schedules, sometimes we just end up missing a few days. Or sometimes a few weeks. And while we have looked[…]

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Has Obesity Hit its Limit?

The increasing waistline of Americans has been making headlines for years. But we’ve got some good news: America is cutting back on the calories. It looks like people are finally starting to get the hint that stuffing your face is a bad idea. They may even understand that gorging on[…]

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