Class Packages

Class Packages

Cardio High Newton Gym HIIT

Thank you for choosing Cardio High, a Newton Gym

Free. At Cardio High, the first session is always free, so there’s no commitment to come in and try a class. If you are ready to come in, click on the schedule page, create an account and sign up for a free class at our Newton gym.

Intense? Cardio High can be adapted to all fitness levels. Are you intimidated by the term high intensity or high-intensity interval training? We hope we can convince you that the program at our Newton gym can work for people who have fallen out of shape, believe they are uncoordinated or maybe have never worked out. We train clients to go at their own pace. In the beginning, you can choose to walk on our manual Woodway treadmills. Our instructors can help show you ways of making our strength exercises easier for first-time clients. They are also experts in helping people with injuries find ways to work around their injuries.

Gear. Clients wear comfortable running shoes and workout clothing. Our facilities have a water fountain, but most people bring a water bottle. We provide face towels and have a shower facility. We ask that you show up 15 minutes early to a first session, so we can help you put on a Polar heart rate monitor. The monitors are provided by Cardio High and clients can borrow them for no additional charge.

Packages. If you enjoy your trial session, we offer people a variety of ways to purchase classes. See the basic options for class packages below. Be sure to check out our special deals for people who are willing to use their sessions in 30 days – or for those who buy 20 sessions.

If you have any questions you can fill out our contact form or give us a call!

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