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Exploring Intensity


Are We Drinking Enough Coffee? Experts Say “No”

Everyone at Starbucks is shotgunning Americanos in celebration as for the first time in its existence, the top dietary panel in the United States has offered their opinion on coffee. And they say we’re not drinking enough. Yes, breakfast is only getting better as along with the panel’s thumbs up[…]

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Sunny Side Up: High Cholesterol Foods Not Evil?

There is some egg-citing news for people who want a little more delicious cholesterol in their meals. While researchers still consider saturated and trans fats bad news, many foods that we have been told to avoid for decades — since 1961, in fact — are now being considered a-okay if[…]

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Is the Best Trainer the One in Your Phone?

There is no question that fitness apps offer a great alternative to heading to the gym and tangling with a personal trainer. At least that’s what the app makers want you to believe. But are these things really going to get you into excellent shape? A NY Times reporter took[…]

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Do You Know these 10 Exercise Myths?

Lifehacker did a brief video that covers 10 exercise myths.     No time to watch? Here’s a brief look at all ten: 1. Treadmills are easier on your knees Overstriding and a bouncier stride make treadmills as hard on the knees as running outside. 2. Change your running shoes[…]

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Do You Have Fitbit Rash?

Fitbit is no stranger to rashes. The company recently faced a class action lawsuit for their Fitbit Force after recalling a million of them last year because they were irritating some people’s skin. Well oops, they did it again. Or at least that is what some consumers are complaining about,[…]

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How Intense Can You Get with One Arm?

A one-armed diabetic with scoliosis and a lung that’s half normal size may sound like the set-up for a bad joke, but it’s actually a description of America’s most inspirational crossfitter. At 20 years old, Luke Ericson has competed in three Crossfit competitions, one of which he won an award.[…]

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NY Times Reports HIIT Helps Fight Disease

We have reported on past NY Times articles that point to High-Intensity Interval Training, but this new article shows HIIT is not just for those looking to lose weight. It can help those who suffer from chronic illness, such as diabetes or cancer and can help people recover from a stroke or battle[…]

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Is the Werewolf Diet the Stupidest Diet of All Time?

We admit that it is almost impossible to really determine the most insane diet that has ever existed, as there have been times where tapeworms and heavy smoking were prescribed as weight loss wonders. But the Werewolf Diet is up there when it comes to getting so many disciplines of[…]

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Want to Lose Weight? Get a Fat Dog.

Is your dog overweight? Are you overweight? Well, have you ever thought that maybe you could lose weight at the same time? A few researchers and vets got an idea due to how many dog owners are so closely attached to their pups. See, dogs are often a great way to[…]

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