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Exploring Intensity

Never, Ever Work Out Like This

This “exercise” video has gone viral. We have no clue what the guy in this video thinks he’s doing, but unless his plan is to break workout equipment and a few of his bones, he’s doing it wrong. The part where he falls and gets reeled in like a fish[…]

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Take the Slog Out of Your Jog

Jogging should be a way to get a nice cardio buzz. It’s easy, free and highly accessible — just put on a pair of running shoes and start jogging.golf course But I don’t jog unless there’s a perfect situation for it. Here’s why: I went for a jog during a[…]

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The Pavlok. Motivational Shock Band.

cool new piece of exercise tech as much as anyone, but Pavlok is not cool. It’s actually not that new either — this story was published in July — but we just had to make you aware of its existence so we could warn you to steer clear of getting[…]

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Is Exercise Your Excuse to Get Drunk?

So while this study seems a little suspicious as far as the old battle between correlation and causation, our beer bellies are saying they may be right: If you workout, you drink more. 150 people, from a “Chug a PBR” 18-year-old to a “Tanqueray sipping” 89-year-old tracked their days of[…]

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Exercise: Builds Muscles and Shrink Tumors

If you are going through a battle with cancer and undergoing Doxorubicin chemo treatment, try to find a way to get out and perform some form of exercise. A new study shows that tumors in mice shrank significantly quicker with Doxorubicin chemo and exercise instead of just chemo alone. The[…]

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Caffeine Before a Workout? Yes. Extra Buzz.

You may think we’ve sold out to Starbucks, but no, the science is becoming clear — one way to make your workout even more efficient is to take in 12 ounces of coffee (that’s for a 150-pound woman). What does it do? According to this article, quite a bit: Oxygenation[…]

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