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Exploring Intensity

Take the Slog Out of Your Jog

Jogging should be a way to get a nice cardio buzz. It’s easy, free and highly accessible — just put on a pair of running shoes and start jogging.golf course But I don’t jog unless there’s a perfect situation for it. Here’s why: I went for a jog during a[…]

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The Pavlok. Motivational Shock Band.

cool new piece of exercise tech as much as anyone, but Pavlok is not cool. It’s actually not that new either — this story was published in July — but we just had to make you aware of its existence so we could warn you to steer clear of getting[…]

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Is Exercise Your Excuse to Get Drunk?

So while this study seems a little suspicious as far as the old battle between correlation and causation, our beer bellies are saying they may be right: If you workout, you drink more. 150 people, from a “Chug a PBR” 18-year-old to a “Tanqueray sipping” 89-year-old tracked their days of[…]

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Exercise: Builds Muscles and Shrink Tumors

If you are going through a battle with cancer and undergoing Doxorubicin chemo treatment, try to find a way to get out and perform some form of exercise. A new study shows that tumors in mice shrank significantly quicker with Doxorubicin chemo and exercise instead of just chemo alone. The[…]

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Caffeine Before a Workout? Yes. Extra Buzz.

You may think we’ve sold out to Starbucks, but no, the science is becoming clear — one way to make your workout even more efficient is to take in 12 ounces of coffee (that’s for a 150-pound woman). What does it do? According to this article, quite a bit: Oxygenation[…]

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Does Crossfit Make You Crazy?

A study from 2013 is good news for a lot of CrossFit supporters. It shows that the exercise program efficiently burns fat and expands a user’s VO2 Max. But for some people (16% of subjects in the study) injury or overuse can be a barrier to success. There is nothing[…]

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