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Exploring Intensity

Interval Training… for Grandparents

It may be an tough to convince many seniors that they can perform high-intensity interval exercises – and that it will actually be one of the best things they can do for their health. But a new study shows a beneficial interval that the elderly can perform – and all it involves is walking. Researchers out of[…]

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The Five Best Subreddits for Getting Fit

Despite all of the news it seems to generate, you may not know a lot about Reddit. And even if you do, the site is so large and sprawling that you may not know how helpful it can be in helping you reach fitness goals. Here are five Subreddits (smaller[…]

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november project

The November Project: A New Cult of Exercise

Starting in Boston four years ago, and spreading in an impressively organic way, the November Project is either the next big thing in fitness or a quirky workout fad that will only win over a thousand people. But that doesn’t seem to bother its participants or leaders, who charge nothing[…]

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Sorry. There is No Magic Pill To Replace Exercise.

To the chagrin of many researchers and dieters, the miracles of “exercise hormone” irisin may be as mythical as the Greek goddess it was named after. Discovered in 2012, and hailed as a key to help reengineer the bodies of those suffering from diabetes and obesity, it seems that the[…]

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What Happens When You Stop Working Out?

If you think missing a gym session here and there isn’t going to hurt you, you’re right. Taking that occasional day to binge-watch Netflix instead of putting on your sneakers won’t really do anything adverse to your body. But what if you stop going completely? This Greatist article looked into[…]

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