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Exploring Intensity

Watch This Video of Sci-Fi Workout Clothes

This video is pretty slow and ridiculous, but skip around to see what look like futuristic workout clothes filled with microbial cells that react to your body temperature. Before you think we’re just making this up, check out what the superhero costume can do at about the 2:30 mark. This[…]

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No, President Trump, Our Bodies Don’t Have Finite Energy

This is not a political blog, but we have to make sure that people are aware when President Trump puts out some misinformation about the impact of exercise. There are reports that the President believes the body only has so much energy and that energy, like a battery, will become depleted if[…]

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Another “Experiment” with Exercise and Weed

Experiment is maybe not the best term to use for this article, because it was just one guy getting high and going for a five-mile run. But regardless, it’s an interesting first-hand perspective on what taking an edible may mean for your workouts. Be warned: this is a pretty glowing[…]

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Change the Thermostat

People like to go through their with the temperature around 68 degrees, the Goldilocks of temps. But it turns out our bodies perform best when we experience different temperatures throughout the day. Here are some of the surprising ways in which changing temperatures may be good for you, according to this[…]

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Why Fasting Works, and Why it Doesn’t Matter

One of the recent diet trends that has gained a following is fasting – an idea that has been around since the dawn of humanity. One reason it seems to be so popular is because it’s pretty easy to follow: you eat less on some days. There isn’t too much to figure[…]

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Yes, Running Really is That Good for You

We don’t usually open an article by quoting another article, but it’s hard to top this: The new study found that, compared to nonrunners, runners tended to live about three additional years, even if they run slowly or sporadically and smoke, drink or are overweight. No other form of exercise[…]

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Could a Time Tax Help You Eat Better?

Not all of us have vending machines at our work. But a new kind of vending machine shows an interesting trick that can maybe help some people make healthier decisions. The official name is DISC, or Delays to Influence Healthy Snack Choice, and what it does is impose a time tax[…]

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