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Exploring Intensity

A New Invention Makes Running Easier… Should We Care?

Would you like to have an exoskeleton? This is not a message from the future, but rather what is now being touted as an incredible device that can actually increase your running capabilities by 8%. Is 8% good? Well, according to this article, the Vaporfly 4% by Nike supposedly increases[…]

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The “Sweet Spot” of Interval Training

It seems pretty obvious to us by this point that high intensity interval training is great exercise. Sure, we’ve been pushing that for a long time, but there is enough evidence that we think it’s pretty hard to deny by this point. But when it comes to the intervals, how[…]

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You Are Stronger in Old Age Than You Think

A lot of articles we write here are about getting fit while you’re younger, and many of us like to focus on that because we assume that once we get older we’re not going to have much strength or gas left in the tank. We do lose muscle mass every[…]

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Study Says Even Light Drinking Can be Unhealthy

Sorry everyone, but your reliance on the belief that a little drinking is okay is slowly swirling down the drain. Another study is out smashing the once-medically-supported belief that you could have a couple drinks every night and suffer no ill effects. This study looked at hundreds of thousands of[…]

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Should There be a Rhythm to Your Diet?

What you eat is very important. We’re sorry, but what you put into your body is always going to have an effect on many things, especially your weight. But when you eat may have a far great effect on your body than we think, according to a new study. It’s[…]

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Sitting too Much? Try Fidgeting More

Are you one of those people with a nervous knee? Or do you have other ways in which you fidget while you’re sitting around? Well, that may actually make you healthier, according to this article. It’s called dynamic sitting, and it actually does burn calories and improve fitness. Not a[…]

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