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Exploring Intensity

Should There be a Rhythm to Your Diet?

What you eat is very important. We’re sorry, but what you put into your body is always going to have an effect on many things, especially your weight. But when you eat may have a far great effect on your body than we think, according to a new study. It’s[…]

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Sitting too Much? Try Fidgeting More

Are you one of those people with a nervous knee? Or do you have other ways in which you fidget while you’re sitting around? Well, that may actually make you healthier, according to this article. It’s called dynamic sitting, and it actually does burn calories and improve fitness. Not a[…]

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New Study: Coffee May Help You Live Longer

Almost half a million Brits, mostly older, helped inform a study that says the more coffee you drink the healthier you’ll be. In fact, if you drink eight or more cups, according to the study, you have a 14% lower risk of dying, especially from cancer or cardiovascular issues. But,[…]

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Walking the dog = not a bad workout

Can a dog actually help your fitness? According to a couple new studies, the answer is yes, but not nearly as enthusiastically as man’s best friend was probably hoping. First of all, here is a terrible statistic: Barely over 60 percent of dog owners actually walk their dogs. That is[…]

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Should You Gamify Your Workout?

Working out can be fun, but it’s not a guarantee. So a new study was conducted to find out if turning exercise into a game would improve performance and results. And the answer seems to be yes, if the game is fun. The researchers designed a social game called MapTrek.[…]

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The Secret of a Good Group Workout

A lot of us want to work out. We really do. But one thing some of us don’t want is to workout with other people. We have our reasons. But what if there was a way to actually do a group workout and enjoy it? This article tries to convince[…]

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