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Exploring Intensity

Songs in the Key of Intensity

This article is about everything we could hope for. Not only does it espouse the benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training, which we frequently plug, but it also says listening to your favorite music can help you hit higher levels of intensity during interval training. Yes, the thing we were already doing (and[…]

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Another Study Says Intensity is the Way to Better Health

A recent study on 300 obese adults adds to the mountain of research that is showing high intensity workouts are the best way to get fit, even if you’re obese and even if you don’t do it that much. The subjects were broken into four groups: Occasional low intensity, occasional[…]

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The Science Behind Weed and the Munchies

Even if you’ve never touched marijuana (or didn’t inhale) you likely know about the munchies, the diet-killing hunger for snacks that comes after a few tokes. And scientists have finally cracked the mystery of why exactly you reach for the Funyuns after you put down the bong. A research project[…]

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Does Weed Make You a Better Athlete?

As this article points out about halfway through, we simply don’t know a lot about pot, at least when it comes to what it does to you when you put down the bong and try to do something more physical than calling the pizza guy. While it is legal in[…]

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Saunas

We were already excited to hear about coffee and eggs, but this is making it almost too much to handle — a new study  says that the more times you use a sauna the better it is for your health. Over 2,000 Finnish men were followed for over 20 years,[…]

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Are We Drinking Enough Coffee? Experts Say “No”

Everyone at Starbucks is shotgunning Americanos in celebration as for the first time in its existence, the top dietary panel in the United States has offered their opinion on coffee. And they say we’re not drinking enough. Yes, breakfast is only getting better as along with the panel’s thumbs up[…]

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Sunny Side Up: High Cholesterol Foods Not Evil?

There is some egg-citing news for people who want a little more delicious cholesterol in their meals. While researchers still consider saturated and trans fats bad news, many foods that we have been told to avoid for decades — since 1961, in fact — are now being considered a-okay if[…]

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Is the Best Trainer the One in Your Phone?

There is no question that fitness apps offer a great alternative to heading to the gym and tangling with a personal trainer. At least that’s what the app makers want you to believe. But are these things really going to get you into excellent shape? A NY Times reporter took[…]

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Do You Know these 10 Exercise Myths?

Lifehacker did a brief video that covers 10 exercise myths.     No time to watch? Here’s a brief look at all ten: 1. Treadmills are easier on your knees Overstriding and a bouncier stride make treadmills as hard on the knees as running outside. 2. Change your running shoes[…]

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