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Exploring Intensity


Your New Year’s Resolution Should be to NOT Diet

As this Daily Beast article grimly states, the infamous New Year’s diet plan that so many of us swear we will abide by is probably not going to happen. And even if it does, losing ten pounds (which is the average weight loss) will likely be gained back throughout the year.[…]

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To Prevent Falls in Old Age, Go Jump in a Lake

A new study on preventing elderly falls, which affects one in three people every year over 65, found that to better keep your balance on land, you need to, ironically, head into the sea. Or at least your backyard pool. A study of 1,600 men, with an average age of[…]

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Will You Soon Be Able to Drink Your Exercise?

You probably remember the last time you pushed your body past where you thought you were capable. Did you feel… A.) Accomplished? B.) Intoxicated? C.) Like you’d rather be on the couch chugging a weird liquid? Nestle has apparently figured out how to tweak an enzyme in your body that[…]

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Harvard Wants to Grade Your Heart Health

We like employing simple health calculators that researchers use to help people chart their health and risk of disease. There are some very positive things being said about this 10-minute survey from The Harvard School of Public Health that purports to calculate your risk of developing cardio vascular disease (CVD).[…]

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Never, Ever Work Out Like This

This “exercise” video has gone viral. We have no clue what the guy in this video thinks he’s doing, but unless his plan is to break workout equipment and a few of his bones, he’s doing it wrong. The part where he falls and gets reeled in like a fish[…]

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Take the Slog Out of Your Jog

Jogging should be a way to get a nice cardio buzz. It’s easy, free and highly accessible — just put on a pair of running shoes and start jogging.golf course But I don’t jog unless there’s a perfect situation for it. Here’s why: I went for a jog during a[…]

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The Pavlok. Motivational Shock Band.

cool new piece of exercise tech as much as anyone, but Pavlok is not cool. It’s actually not that new either — this story was published in July — but we just had to make you aware of its existence so we could warn you to steer clear of getting[…]

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