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Exploring Intensity

The Ideal At-Home Workout Space?

Cardio High is busy creating daily livestream sessions for working out at home, but some people may hesitate to join because they lack space and don’t have a dedicated workout space. But our workouts don’t require a space much larger than a yoga mat. So what are the keys to setting[…]

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Cardio High Outdoor Workout

For a brief moment Cardio High offered outdoor workouts at Newton North Track, though we mostly used the turf football field. We are now going through a period of sheltering in place, and Cardio High is only offering workouts via Zoom. But we thought it would be useful to share[…]

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Cardio High Playlists

Our Cardio High clients are hunkered down in their homes around Newton, Weston and Waltham where COVID-19 is spreading its evil. Some industrious people are rigging gear together to do workouts in their homes, and we thought perhaps bringing some of the sounds of Cardio High into those homes would[…]

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5K vs Half Marathon?

At Cardio High we have quite a few clients who are training to run the Boston Marathon or a half marathon this Spring. We admire their determination and respect their goals, as some of them are running to raise money for causes that need funding. But from a health perspective,[…]

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Belly Fat is Where the Danger Hangs

While you stare forlornly at your midsection in the mirror it’s important to remember that, according to a new extensive study, the size of your gut hang has implications for your health. This seems obvious, but read on for details. It turns out that genetics play a big role in[…]

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Your Weight Means Nothing if You Don’t Exercise

We tend to decide whether or not we should hit the gym based on how we look in the mirror. But a new study shows that those who may feel skinny are as unhealthy as someone who’s obese. Here is what researchers in the Netherlands did, according to this article:[…]

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