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Exploring Intensity

Would You Work Out Naked…At The Gym?

The Naked workout trend started in New York just started a few years ago, and it has some people either curious or absolutely terrified. We have to imagine that during COVID Naked workouts have vanished. We view the trend as primarily a publicity stunt for the place(s) that offered naked[…]

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Is Lack of Exercise Worse Than Cigarettes?

Listen, we know that you’ve heard so many dire warnings about not exercising that you feel pretty numb to them. And we understand. It’s hard to hear that a lack of exercise is so dangerous especially when you are doing other things that are healthy. But a new study is[…]

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Does a Positive Self Image Lead to Longer Lifespan?

You have heard a million times about the power of a positive mental attitude. And a new study points to evidence that how you feel about your own physical fitness may add to, or strip away, years of your life. Researchers looked at mountains of data of people’s self-perceptions and[…]

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Why Music Makes Us Exercise Harder

We are big fans of music around here, especially when it’s time to exercise. So we could not agree more with this new study that finds music does indeed make exercising that much more fun. British researchers recruited 24 people and asked them to walk around an outdoor track at[…]

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Study: “You Can’t Outrun Your Past”

This article in the NY Times is mostly about how running will likely not harm your heart as many people have feared. We’ve covered that before, so this isn’t news to us. But there is something in the study about runners and their hearts that we wanted to point out.[…]

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Pick up the Pace of Your Workout Soundtrack

Before we tell you what the study said, let’s say that the researchers didn’t have a specific tempo listed for what is the optimal speed of the music you should listen to while you are working out. Instead, this was a study that tested working out with and without music.[…]

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Can You Rewire Your Brain to Like Exercise More?

A new study shows that the brain can be more powerful than the body, as long as you put yourself in the right frame of mind. Brock University researchers wanted to research how mental outlook can help people struggling to hit their workout goals. They studied 18 cyclists with competition experience,[…]

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Lose Weight, Add Muscle

Building muscle is one of the most important things you can do for your health, especially when you get older and you start to lose muscle mass every year. But a new study shows that if you’re overweight then adding muscle may be even more of a struggle. Researchers looked[…]

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