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Exploring Intensity

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Substitute Afternoon Snacking With Exercise

Staring at our screens or shuffling around papers or talking to our bosses seem to always make us want to reach for a handful of something sugary or salty. It’s a way many people reduce stress and alleviate boredom. But those extra calories from anxiety/boredom snacks do nothing for us except[…]

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A Standing Desk is Not Workout Equipment

Standing has become so important nowadays, that maybe all you have to do is stand, right? As long as you reduce sitting, could your new desk be the replacement for your gym? Probably not, according to a new study. Researchers in the Netherlands found 61 men and women, all of[…]

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Music Makes You Faster

If you’re looking for a simple way to increase your foot speed, a perfect playlist might do the trick. We have many debates at Cardio High about what makes a perfect playlist. We get requests for ’80s, rock, pop, EDM and “anything with a beat.” Researchers recently conducted a study[…]

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Can HIIT Can Fight Cancer in One Workout?

We are not suggesting that high intensity exercise cures cancer. But we are referencing a new study that points to HIIT as being successful in stopping the growth of cancer cells in the colon area – with just one session. To perform the study, the researchers selected a group of[…]

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Curious About Your Heart Health? Drop and Gimme 40

There is a new way to check in on how healthy your heart is and it consists of a simple, irritating exericise: push-ups. Yes, you may want to banish push-ups from every workout, but doing them can give you a pretty good insight into how your ticker is functioning, according[…]

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Exchange Your Blood Pressure Meds For Exercise

Medications for blood pressure can do wonders, if you’re someone who is seriously concerned about your cardiovascular health. And visceral fat is another issue that can affect your heart, which some meds may reduce. But two new studies show that if you start exercising, those pills may not be needed.[…]

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Eggs are healthy. No wait. They’re not healthy. Ugh

We’re done. After it seemed like the egg controversy was finally over, and that consuming them was actually healthy, a new study is out that adds another wrinkle (or is that crack?) to the discussion. From this article: In their analysis, researchers found a 17 percent increased risk of cardiovascular disease[…]

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Burn the Fat With High Intensity

Everyone wants to burn fat and there are (maybe literally) a million different solutions out there. But a new meticulous meta-study shows that high intensity training may be the best way to get rid of that gut. This review of previous studies looked at 36 which are considered high-quality and[…]

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New Link Between Obesity and Cancer?

Obesity is correlated with a growing list of cancers. The correlation and perhaps cause is greater with younger people. Here is the (lack of) skinny from this article: Researchers studied the incidence of 30 of the most common cancers, including 12 that are obesity related, from 1995 to 2014 in[…]

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