The NY Times Introduces the 7-Minute Workout App

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The NY Times Introduces the 7-Minute Workout App

7-Minute-Part-2 What did you think about the 7-Minute Workout that was published in the NY Times last year? Because it was a pretty big breakout hit for the paper as 12 exercises, a chair and less time than it takes to listen to “Hey Jude” was all it took to get a legitimate workout. But people were so into it that people have started to think it seems a little boring. Enough of them in fact that they asked for a new version.

So here it is. It’s a more “advanced” version with some barbells added (so less travel friendly), but it still requires just a minimal amount of space to make it work. We won’t go through the exercises, as they show them off pretty well with illustrations and are now even offering an app to explain how to do both workouts. But there is one thing they say we would like to highlight that goes beyond how effective these HIIT exercises are: Getting bored.

As they mention, even if you really like this workout, it should not be all that you’re doing. Yes, this is an important component but it should not be something that you do to death. Doing these same exercises will likely become tiresome, and after a while even seven minutes will seem like an eternity.

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