Study: Don’t Listen to Studies

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Study: Don’t Listen to Studies

We try and digest a lot of studies for you on this site. And even if we have said multiple times that not every study is too believed, we still fall in the trap and think things have finally been figured out.

Well, they haven’t.

According to this NY Times article, there is just no easy way to figure out what is good or bad when it comes to diet and exercise. No matter what kind of variables studies try to account for, things get muddy really quickly.

That it not so say that nothing matters and we think you should start drinking Mountain Dew and smoking a pack a day, but you also shouldn’t be following every new piece of “scientific” info that drops in your lap, even if we’re the ones telling you to.

The article is worth a read, but the problem is not just that many studies just aren’t very good, but rather that there are a million things going on in our bodies and trying to nail down definitive ways to be healthier is still a very imperfect science.

But again, that doesn’t mean you can ignore everything. Eating healthier, doing high-intensity exercise and skipping the soda and smokes are pretty sure-fire ways to be living better. They may not keep you cancer free or make you live forever, but we doubt they will hurt.

-Shane M.