A Cardio High = A Beer Buzz

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A Cardio High = A Beer Buzz

If you are an exerciser, there is a good chance you’re a drinker. That is what the studies show. But we were wondering; Is that a good thing?

Of course, common sense would make us believe that it is indeed detrimental to drink after a workout, as all of those calories you burn are being replaced by carb-heavy brew. But a couple new studies, when taken together, challenge this by showing a very direct correlation between exercise and drinking.

Researchers at Penn State gave an app to 150 men and women, from 18-75, and logged them three times at 21-day stretches each time. They looked at how much exercise the people did and how much drinking they did, and whether or not there were any ways they overlapped.

And the answer was clear: not only did people drink on days they exercised, but they drank more if they exercised more.

Now, let’s look at the second study, which examined all of the research about how animals respond to both exercise and alcohol. While there is room for interpretation, it seems to say that the high we get from a good workout and the buzz we get from alcohol are both rewarding to our brains. And we feel even better when we combine the two.

What does this mean? There are issues with the carbs, and of course excessive drinking is problematic. But if the combination of exercise and alcohol makes you feel even better than just doing one of them, then it may mean that you are likely to feel more inclined to exercise to get the combined high.

Could be just wishful thinking. Either way, if you are a post-exercise drinker, then know this is very common. There are sports like paddle tennis, softball and beer pong that combine exercise and athletics at the same time. While we like a cold brew after sports like mountain biking or skiing, we don’t recommend combining risky activities with alcohol. Oh. And a Guinness only has 120 calories.