A Walk in the Woods

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A Walk in the Woods

We’re big fans of walking or hiking – same as walking but usually done with boots and farther out in nature. You don’t sweat much from a walk, but it’s a fantastic addition to a regular exercise regimen. It’s an ideal pace to enjoy the woods, mountains or a city park. It requires no gear, and it will (almost) always be free.JB close sm.1

We use the Polar heart rate monitor at the Cardio High gym, and I have been using it to test a variety of workouts. I strapped it on during a walk in the woods with my faithful mutt, Jenny. At the beginning of the walk my heart was ticking at 52 beats per minute. Jenny and I covered 2.1 miles at The Weston Reservoir on trails through the woods. She probably added another 2.1 miles chasing chipmunks and other critters.

The average heart rate by the end was 79 beats per minute with 81 calories burned during a 44-minute walk. Again, this isn’t the most intense activity, if you’re looking for a cardio high, but it’s a great change up.