About Us

About Us

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About Cardio High Gym

Cardio High operates a clean gym with a friendly atmosphere in Newton, MA. Our innovative approach to fitness combines fast paced interval training with low impact movement, so clients get a great workout that leaves them with a cleansed, energetic feeling. All clients wear Polar heart rate monitors, so that they learn to train at their own pace.

Cardio High trainers provide guidance and motivation, so clients train with proper form and push themselves safely to their limits. Studies show that people continue to burn fat for up to 36 hours following a high intensity workout. It’s a great way to get fit fast.

Our Gym Story

Cardio High Newton Gym High Intensity Interval Training TrainerMark Goodman, Founder
Mark played lots of squash, tennis and Ultimate Frisbee in his 30s and 40s, paying for it with plenty of shoulder, back and leg injuries. As he got older, Mark wanted to continue experiencing that incredible high from intense sports but without the risk of soreness and injury.

That is what inspired the Cardio High workout.

Mark worked with a variety of trainers and coaches, asking each to raise his heart rate without straining his body. He also participated in dozens of different fitness classes looking for high-intensity movements with minimal impact.

Armed with a range of ideas, Mark tested the various programs with trainers, clients, physical therapists and corrective exercise guru Aaron Brooks, the founder of Perfect Postures. This led to the core set of exercises that form the Cardio High workout.

Since the very beginning, Mark has worked on adapting Cardio High to many levels of fitness, from athletes intent on improving speed and stamina to those looking to get in shape with a safe, intense workout. The Cardio High team at our gym are focused on making Cardio High varied and fun.

Our Team

Jessica L., Trainer
Jessica has a background in corporate Health and Wellness and has recently expanded into the personal training space by attending the American Academy of Personal Training. Jessica has been teaching group fitness at the YMCA for 3 years and is passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition. When she isn’t working or working out, Jessica is a mentor for Dreamfar High School Marathon, and an assistant coach for the Belmont Special Olympics Volleyball team. Jessica has completed 12 marathons, an ultra-marathon, and is an avid hiker and adventurer.

Leslie G., Trainer
Leslie has been passionate about exercise beginning at a young age when she swam competitively in high school and college. She added distance running to her repertoire when she accepted the challenge to run the Boston Marathon in 1998 for Team in Training. Always ready for a new challenge, she began competing in Sprint Triathlons in 2015 to support JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), a cause she passionately supports. In May 2017, she ran the Providence Marathon as a mentor for Dreamfar, the high school marathon group. She competed in her first Olympic Tri in July 2017 and looks forward to competing in more in the near future.

Trainer Stephanie HStephanie H., Trainer
Stephanie has been active from a young age, but her real passion for fitness developed when she was introduced to kettlebell. Eager to share her passion with others, she completed her Group Fitness certification with AFAA and has been teaching since 2013. Since then, she completed her Personal Training with NASM and RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certificate) with Dragon Door. Always looking for the next challenge, she has done many road races, a half marathon, multiple mud races, including 3 Tough Mudders, and in June 2019 completed the Mt Washington Road Race.

Kelly O., Trainer
Kelly has always been an active and competitive athlete, participating in multiple sports from a young age until high school. She found her passion and competitive drive for fitness and kickboxing at TJ’s Body Shop, 3 years ago. Since then Kelly has worked hard to become a certified personal trainer through AAPT of Boston and successfully earned a black belt in Thai Kickboxing. She especially enjoys using her passion, desire, and drive to motivate other towards reaching their health and fitness goals.

Kelly M., Trainer
Kelly grew up in Connecticut and went to school at Westfield State for her BS in Exercise Science. She has always had a passion for for sports as she competed soccer, track, cross country, and rugby. While working as a fitness specialist at North Hill in Needham, Kelly developed at talent for helping seniors achieve fitness goals like improving their balance. Kelly is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. When Kelly is not training clients at Cardio High or working towards her masters in Health Administration, she enjoys hanging with her awesome dog Jerry. And, Kelly also enjoys riding motorcycles.

“I look forward to a Cardio High workout. It’s fun, interesting and intense. The gym is always clean, and the heart rate and calorie display is great training feedback too!”

  • 11 sessions for $140 in 30 days