Another Connection Found Between Exercise and a Healthy Brain

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Another Connection Found Between Exercise and a Healthy Brain

Sometimes here at Cardio High we try and digest a particularly complex study and deliver it to you. And that is definitely the case with this look at how exercise is tied to a healthier brain thanks to a protein called cathepsin B.

Here’s how the researchers figured it out — they took a look at mice and found that after two weeks of running the production of this enzyme was elevated. They then had mice genetically engineered so that even with running they didn’t produce this protein.

After that, when comparing the mice with the protein and without it, they found that those with no cathepsin B had a much more difficult time with memory and running mazes.

So the scientists went further and turned to humans. They recruited 40 men and women and looked at their fitness levels, their cathepsin B levels and how well they did at certain memory games. And they found a positive correlation between all three — those who exercised produced more cathepsin B and showed better memories.

This all would seem pretty cut and dried, except for one thing — high cathepsin B levels have been associated with neurological issues and doctors have previously suggested trying to block this protein for those who may be suffering from brain injuries.

So we will continue to keep an eye out for further studies on cathespin B. But the key for us? We like seeing yet another study showing a connection between getting a great sweat and improved brain function.

-Shane M.