Another Day, Another Study Out Against Sitting

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Another Day, Another Study Out Against Sitting

If you haven’t already gotten it through your head that sitting is bad news, a new study out of Brazil has added to the mountain of evidence that your chair may be one of your worst enemies.

And this is a pretty big study that looked at data from a whopping 54 countries to determine how bad sitting truly is for your health. They found that, on average, people were sitting 4.7 hours a day, which honestly seems a little low to us. We’re writers. Without treadmills desks. We like coffee and sitting with our coffee. And we’ve invested in comfy chairs. For sitting. But regardless, here’s the money line, from this article:

The researchers calculated that sitting time contributed to some 433,000 deaths a year from 2002 through 2011.

That’s a big number. We try to find any excuse to tell you that exercise can cure all ailments and can keep you looking young alive for decades. But it turns out that deaths from sitting are not lessened by exercise.

So this article is done so get up and stretch those legs for ten to fifteen minutes before you come back. And set a timer and get up from your desk every 20 minutes.