Another “Experiment” with Exercise and Weed

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Another “Experiment” with Exercise and Weed

Experiment is maybe not the best term to use for this article, because it was just one guy getting high and going for a five-mile run.

But regardless, it’s an interesting first-hand perspective on what taking an edible may mean for your workouts.

Be warned: this is a pretty glowing review, and a bit of an advert for a certain kind of weed chocolate, so don’t take what he says as gospel. But here are a few takeaways, at least in this instance:

  • It made him more thoughtful and aware when deciding what routes to take.
  • It improved how he perceived the pain and exhaustion.
  • It gave him greater endurance.
  • It gave him what he considered his first runner’s high.
  • It helped him avoid post-run munchies.

Like we said, this review is way too positive, and we wouldn’t necessarily encourage anyone to try a weed brownie before their workout. But this may give you a better idea about how it would work before we get more real studies on it.

And. As some of you may know, Cardio High founder Mark G is experiencing a strong bout of sciatica related to a massive bulging disc in his back. Mark applied for a medical weed card in MA because his friends who operate one of the top medical weed businesses promised the cannabinoids would relieve pain and reduce inflammation. It should be noted that owners of various medical weed establishments claim that weed can solve almost any medical issue. But we will report back on Mark’s experiment.

-Shane M.