Another Study Finds that High Intensity May be a Fountain of Youth

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Another Study Finds that High Intensity May be a Fountain of Youth

We don’t like to overstate how helpful high-intensity exercise may truly be, but when certain studies come out, we do feel pretty confident that it really is the best way to work out.

Case in point is this new study that finds that high-intensity interval training may actually be a fountain of youth for your cells.

Here is how the researchers set up the study, according to this article:

The study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, involved 72 sedentary adults in two age groups—young (18 to 30) and older (65 to 80). The participants were assigned to one of three 12-week workout routines: high-intensity interval cycling, strength training with weights, or a combined strength-training and cycling plan.

The results are good news for younger people and even better news for those who are older. Researchers discovered that younger HIIT participants had cells that were able to take in oxygen and produce energy at a 49% higher capacity, and for the older adults cellular efficiency shot up to 69%.

The only real problem was that the strength-training group, unsurprisingly, gained more strength and muscle, though that doesn’t mean you can’t also add that to your regimen. What is most important is that with HIIT, and its potential age-reversing abilities, you’ll have even more years to work on building muscle.

-Shane M.