Are You Exercising To Watch More TV?

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Are You Exercising To Watch More TV?

Do you watch TV when you workout? Are you focused on the intensity of your workout and your form, or are you more intent on catching up on a tv program?

A new study points to evidence that a shocking 77% of people who are using bikes at the gym are focused on the television instead of their workout.

There is nothing inherently wrong with watching TV while at the gym, but the problem arises when you are not pushing yourself because you care more about what’s on the screen. Those kinds of distractions may make it easier to haul yourself to the gym in the first place, but it probably leads to a less than ideal workout.

If the TV is The Thing that gets you to the gym, don’t give it up. We simply suggest adding another component while you are there. Maybe use your TV session as a slow cardio warm-up. Then jump off the gear and do a quick 15 minute interval set of strength training, bodyweight exercises, or other more intense activities to either raise the heart rate or build muscle strength.

Also, if you happen to be one of the 3% of people who use their workout time to scroll through dating apps, we’d like to know how that has helped or hurt your success rate.

-Shane M.