Beware the Naked Juice

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Beware the Naked Juice

Maybe you already knew this, and it should come as no surprise, but there are a lot of “healthy juices” out there which are in fact not much healthier than soda. Some of the green juice concoctions that contain health wonders like kale are on the unhealthy list. Why?

A new lawsuit is claiming there are misleading labeling and advertising of Naked juices, which seem to be the healthiest way to drink your veggies… but are mostly juices that are sugary and should be consumed sparingly if at all. According to this article:

Looking at Kale Blazer in particular, the front of the bottle does say “Kale flavored 8 juice blend” but oranges and apples are not shown alongside the greens. CSPI says that green imagery overwhelms the disclosure.

But, in fact, most of the juice ingredients come from apples and oranges - even though it looks like you’re about to chug an entire garden. (Yes, apple juice and orange juice may seem healthy, but they are loaded with sugar and contain little to no fiber to offset the soda-like impact; fructose is not your friend.) Also, while there may be “no sugar added,” Naked Juice is packed with sugar, up to 61 grams.

So, while you thought it was worth the extra cash to get a healthy beverage instead of that Diet Coke, we’re sorry to tell you that in some ways, the Diet Coke is better.

-Shane M.