What is Bone Fat? And How Can Exercise Get Rid of it?

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What is Bone Fat? And How Can Exercise Get Rid of it?

We know that the last thing you want to hear is there there is another fat in your body that you have to worry about. You may already be worried about your gut, chin and whatever else you think is too flabby.

But now there is bone fat.

Bone fat is actually produced by your bone marrow and the more you have the more susceptible you are to fractures. But exercise seems to be one way to flush out the fat and make your bones stronger and in practically no time at all.

North Carolina researchers proved exercise reduces bone fat by using wheel-running mice. They found that obese mice (that had probably been porked up on bags of Cheetos and slabs of cheddar) strengthened their bones and shed the fat from their marrow fat — after only six weeks of running.

So even if you’ve packed on pounds of bone fat, it’s exchanged out for bone fairly quickly.

Many people worry about breaking something while working out. But this study shows one of the ways exercise (when done safely) reduces the risk of injury.

-Shane M.