Burn the Fat With High Intensity

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Burn the Fat With High Intensity

Everyone wants to burn fat and there are (maybe literally) a million different solutions out there. But a new meticulous meta-study shows that high intensity training may be the best way to get rid of that gut.

This review of previous studies looked at 36 which are considered high-quality and involved over 1,000 people. It’s not a massive sample size, but still pretty good – especially since all of the studies are considered fairly rigorous. And this is what they found, according to this article:

Both moderate training and intervals, of all types, led to reductions in body fat, the researchers found. These reductions were absolute, meaning that people shed some of their actual fat mass, and also relative, meaning that they lowered the percentage of their body mass that was fat.

They also found that high intensity training was the most successful vs other forms of exercise – though maybe by only a pound.

Now, the study was small and a pound is not exactly a ton of weight,  but when you add in all of the other benefits of high intensity, we feel it’s going to be the quickest and most efficient way for you to finally get rid of the fat.

-Shane M.