Can We Beat Obesity?

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Can We Beat Obesity?

If you’re a smoker or someone who has quit, you know that cigarettes are dangerous. Well, if you can read – you probably know cigarettes lead to all sorts of health issues. Lighting up is without question one of the most unhealthy things you can do. And the good news; rates of smoking continue to fall.

But the bad news, according to this article, there’s another preventable danger that threatens to take us down. Gaining too much weight is on the rise.

Yes, as much as people want to deny it, being overweight is a rampant and incredibly problematic issue that is up there with puffing on Marlboros when it comes to causing all sorts of health problems.

We have talked before about how obesity and multiple cancers are linked, and the heavier you are the more likely you will develop these cancers. And almost 50 percent of cancers that have been diagnosed in people under 65 are related to being overweight – and not to cigarette smoking.

And, of course, cancer is far from the only health issue facing those who have BMIs at 30 or higher. It is very common to look at cigarettes with disdain and hope you or your loved ones can stay away. There’s an effort by the medical community to help those who are struggling with their weight. But it looks like donuts, cookies and fast food have a good lead over those who are trying to get people to cut sugar, booze and other unhealthy foods.

-Shane M.