Can You Get Stronger After Only 13 Minutes of Lifting Weights?

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Can You Get Stronger After Only 13 Minutes of Lifting Weights?

Do you lift weights? Well, would you if it only took 13 minutes? That is a question people are asking themselves now that a new study has come out promoting something called express weightlifting.

A study looked at this by speed lifting concept by having 34 men try three different resistance training regimens, according to this article:

One group was asked to complete five sets of each exercise, with about 90 seconds of rest between sets. Their total time for a session at the gym was almost 70 minutes.

A second group was asked to complete three sets of each exercise, requiring they work out for about 40 minutes.

The third group had to finish only one set of each exercise, meaning that they were done after a brisk 13 minutes.

Now here is where it gets interesting. After two months, the group that did five sets had more muscle mass. That shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. But they were not stronger.

You read that right. After two months, all the groups had similar levels of strength, even if they looked different. So while there were varying levels of buffness, subject strength was about the same.

What are we supposed to make of that? Two things.

  1. While we like to associate our strength in the gym with how we look in the mirror, we may be gaining strength far beyond what are muscles appear to be.
  2. These results may be possible with just 13 minutes workout increments.

Now, we still encourage safety and precautions for this kind of express weightlifting, but if you feel like you need an hour in the gym and need to see your muscles rippling for resistance training to be any good whatsoever, this is some very unexpected good news.

-Shane M.