Can You Rewire Your Brain to Like Exercise More?

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Can You Rewire Your Brain to Like Exercise More?

A new study shows that the brain can be more powerful than the body, as long as you put yourself in the right frame of mind.

Brock University researchers wanted to research how mental outlook can help people struggling to hit their workout goals. They studied 18 cyclists with competition experience, a group of people that understood the need for a mental edge.

The researchers monitored half of the cyclists as they trained in their usual manner for two weeks. They placed the other half of the cyclists in motivational courses that focused on positive messaging. The course group learned to view discomfort from exercise as a good thing – and not a bad thing to experience.

And what happened? Well, the training worked — for the motivation group. They were able to ride a surprising 25% longer, and they also had a higher threshold for the distress that knocked out their counterparts out.

We know that you can get to a point where it seems that if you don’t stop right now you’re going to die or crumble into dust. But this study shows that your brain knows your body can handle more stress. At Cardio High we teach clients to listen to their bodies. There’s a huge difference in pain signals. Any pain from a joint or tendon – or sharp pain from a muscle means you should stop training immediately. But the discomfort from breathing hard and pushing the body hard is something that can be turned into a positive – and, dare we say, enjoyable experience.

-Shane M.