Can You Do Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Workout?

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Can You Do Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Workout?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an old woman. There is no debating that. The 84-year-old Supreme Court Justice is a two-time cancer survivor and definitely seems like someone who would prefer to spend her time going over thick law journals instead of working out.

But she does a workout that many people may not be able to do. And she does the workout twice a week – every week for almost twenty years with a personal trainer. If you think the routine is designed to take it easy on the justice, you don’t know RBG.

Here is a breakdown of her workout, according to this article:

… after warming up on the elliptical machine for a few minutes and stretching out, she does a 30-second plank, a 15-second side plank on each side, then another 30-second plank.

Next, she typically uses the chest press, leg extension, lat pull-down, cable row, and chest fly machines… She does two sets of 10 regular push-ups—AKA not the kind on her knees.

After push-ups… leg raises, donkey kicks, and roundhouse kicks. Then, a final move is called “sitting on the toilet,” in which she holds a medicine ball, sits on a bench, stands up, and throws it.

To make sure this was all it was cracked up to be, some people at Self magazine worked out with the trainer, following the same regimen, and they said it was truly a difficult, exhausting workout. That sentiment was mirrored by some at People magazine as well. And here’s another review from USA Today. So yeah, we think it’s pretty difficult.

And while we’re not here to sell someone else’s book, if you still don’t believe the hype, you can check out The RBG Workout yourself and give it a shot.

Cardio High is one of the gyms in Newton that uses several of the RGB movements in our HIIT workouts.

-Shane M.