Can You Vibrate Pounds Off?

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Can You Vibrate Pounds Off?

We know, we know — you’ve seen the headlines that say vibrations are the new miracle cure for body fat. This article, for example, states that “twenty minutes a day on vibrating platform over the course of three months reduced fat in the abdomen and liver and increased levels of osetocalcin a protein that strengthens bones.”

So great news, right? Eh, consider us quite skeptical.

First of all, we can’t really knock the study because we often publish pieces about mice that may end up relating to humans. This one involved two kinds of mice, who either were sedentary for 12 weeks, ran on a wheel or got the “Whole Body Vibration” treatment, which is exactly what it sounds like.

And it worked almost as well as a treadmill, meaning that maybe the hype is real. But aside from the lack of proof in humans, we also have problems with other aspects of this method and study.

First of all, WBV machines are not easily accessible. Sure, Madonna has one and so do some gyms, but it’s likely you can’t just walk down to the street and hop on one today. And, according to this study, you will need to do it every day for twenty minutes to have an effect.

And this, like many of these miracle exercise articles, is where everything falls apart. Because this isn’t about you finally finding the best way to get healthy — it’s all about figuring out a way to get results without putting in the work. And while we would all love a pill we could take in the morning to brighten our mood, make our heart strong and melt off the fat, we think you probably still need to work out for those kinds of results.

-Shane M.