Cardio High Exercise #132: The Box Jump

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Cardio High Exercise #132: The Box Jump

Box-Jump-Air-1-300x187 We love the box jump at Cardio High. Doing box jumps for a 45-second interval will get the heart rate up without jarring the body. Box Jump Air 1We emphasize starting with a squat and springing up while swinging the arms in an upward motion. Aim for a soft landing on the box with as little sound as possible, and then step off (instead of jumping off). The box jump can be easily set up for varied fitness levels.

Level 1: Start with a squat jump without a box. Squat, then jump off the ground 3-4”. Land softly and repeat. Increase tempo until you’re ready to add a box.

Level 2: Jump onto a 4-6” aerobic step.

Level 3: Jump onto a 12” plyo box.

Level 4: Either jump on the box at a very high tempo or move to an 18” box.

No box?

If you don’t have a box or an aerobics step, you can use stairs – but be careful because they tend to be quite narrow. If you like to workout outside, you can use a curb or any other sturdy object.

Short video showing good box jump form