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Cardio High Playlists

Our Cardio High clients are hunkered down in their homes around Newton, Weston and Waltham where COVID-19 is spreading its evil. Some industrious people are rigging gear together to do workouts in their homes, and we thought perhaps bringing some of the sounds of Cardio High into those homes would help boost the mood and help a workout. You can search the name of the playlist you like on Spotify or try the links listed below. If you follow the playlist, it will be added to your Spotify library.

Cardio High Pop Mix This is our popular Tabata round mix featuring artists like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Duffy, Panic! At The Disco and other upbeat artists.

Cardio High Rocks If you have been to one of Mark’s sessions, you’ve heard this playlist featuring artists like the Clash, the Black Keys, the Strokes, Kula Shaker and Joe Jackson.

Cardio High MG1 This is a blend of genres with artists like Outkast, New Order, Gnarls Barkley and DJ Shadow.

Cardio High Mix This is the master list that combines upbeat tracks from different genres and decades. You can build your own playlist by picking from this master list. Includes songs like: “Pon de Replay,” “Feel It Still,” “High Hopes,” “I Want Candy,” “Respect” and “Truth Hurts.”

Cardio High Cool Down Yup, these are the mellow tracks we play during the cool down at the end of a session.

We are also offering outdoor workouts at Newton North track and streaming live workouts for the home using Facebook Live.

-Mark G.