Cardio High Scale

Exploring Intensity

Cardio High Scale

The Cardio High Scale

Everyone is different – some people can sprint 100 meters without breaking a sweat while others may become winded after climbing a set of stairs. At Cardio High we are dedicated to experimentation as we strive to find excellent routines to safely help clients experience the cardio high from exercise. We created the C-High Scale to compare the intensity of various exercises. With this gauge, you can go into each workout with a clear idea of how strenuous the workout should be.


Stage 1. 0-2: Walking on a flat surface (Should be easy to speak for duration)

Stage 2. 3-5: A slow jog (Can carry a conversation but may sound winded)

———- The Cardio High Line

Stage 3. 6-8: Run a 5k or jump rope for 20 minutes (Difficult to carry a conversation)

Stage 4. 9-10: Running up a steep mountain (Unable to carry conversation)

The Full C High Scale

0 = sitting or lying down.

1 = walking slowly on flat surface.

2 = walking at moderate pace on flat surface.

3 = walking quickly on flat or slowly uphill.

4 = slow jog.

5 = moderate jog.

6 = rapid jog.

7 = jump rope 20 mins or run a 5k.

8 = run 5k for best time.

9 = intervals of 400 meter sprint with 100 meter jog.

10 = running up a steep mountain.