Case Study: How Did Sue S. Drop Weight?

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Case Study: How Did Sue S. Drop Weight?

We occasionally like to highlight the fitness improvements of clients who make excellent strides improving their strength and speed. Sue S. is a client who recently dropped more than 35 pounds in a couple of months. We are not fans of rapid weight loss because that weight usually comes back at some point, bute asked Sue how she lost the weight, picked up speed and started lifting heavier weights.

Sue hired a company called ALL IN by Teddi that provides clients accountability as they attempt to improve their eating habits. Each client texts pictures of their meals and receives encouragement and advice via online coaches who help to monitor progress. ALL IN provides clients with a healthy eating plan that seems simple and does not involve gimmicks like supplements or special shakes that clients have to buy.

And here’s the part that we applaud: ALL IN encourages clients to find a way to do one hour of some kind of cardio exercise every day. So we’ve seen quite a bit of Sue at Cardio High during the past couple of months. We’ve noticed the progress that Sue has made with her endurance and speed. Her new goal is to improve her strength by doing more challenging push-ups and lifting heavier weights.

We are hopeful that Sue will be able to keep the weight off as long as she takes care of her body. It’s key to stay injury-free and to take the occasional day off to allow for recovery.

If you have an improvement story, please send us your story. We always like to hear stories about how people become faster, stronger and improve their endurance. Send to

– Mark G.