Why Your Diet May Soon Include Teff

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Why Your Diet May Soon Include Teff

If you haven’t heard of teff, don’t worry — just because it has been a main component of meals in Ethiopia for years doesn’t mean that you should be an expert.

But you might want to see if the grain is something to pick up.

Teff is, according to this article, a kind of super food for runners:

It has more calcium and vitamin C than almost any other grain. It is high in protein and iron, and much of its fiber is a type known as resistant starch, which has been linked in studies to health benefits such as improved blood sugar.

It’s a whole grain packed with iron and is what Ethiopian runners, known for their success at the sport, have been eating for a long, long time. And it’s gluten-free. This has made it one of those fad foods that you may hear about from your Trader Joe-loving neighbor, but are skeptical to eat yourself. 

But it really does seem that for those of us who want a better grain, especially to keep our iron levels up and with a longer-lasting punch of energy, that teff may be your go-to ingredient.

So what’s the downside? Ethiopians are worried this sudden interest will make the prices skyrocket, so make sure that you are getting your teff from a domestic source. But aside from that, dig in and let us know what you think.