Doctor S Shares Her Approach to Fitness and Health

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Doctor S Shares Her Approach to Fitness and Health

Dear Exploring Intensity readers, we’d like to introduce you to Doctor S.

She will be contributing her expertise on healthy approaches to fitness, health and nutrition. She is a Harvard-trained physician practicing medicine in New England. She has had a career-long interest in redefining health as a life long sustainable and enjoyable endeavor instead of numbers and measurements on a page taken as a snapshot of an instant in time. The Cardio High theme of seeking the joy of intensity in exercise fits well with her view of movement.

Oh, and we want to keep her identity anonymous so Doctor S is not her real name. She suggested some alternate pseudonyms below. We are offering $100 in swag or classes to anyone who can top one of her names or beat Dr. S. We liked Dr. G, but it’s taken.

Doctor S writes:

My approach to fitness is that it is an important component of physical and mental well-being. In fact, exercise is the only remedy for anxiety I’ve ever prescribed that increases energy instead of causing sedation. My philosophy of health, as it relates to food and fitness, is that if one eats when they are hungry and stops when they are full, most of the time, and aims to have a less beige plate (work to include some fruit or vegetable or both to your chicken and pasta), and also exercises regularly AND sustainably, NOT compensatorily (to rid one’s self of calories or body) then whereever one’s body lands is where it is almost always where it is supposed to be. The scale is a red herring. This philosophy began in the 1960’s as a direct response to toxic diet culture. My approach allows for an improvement and maintenance of physical fitness that doesn’t come at the cost of mental wellness. I see all of the above as important components of overall health. 

Alternative names:

Dr. Eat Kale AND cake

Dr. Q

Dr. Paradigm Shift

Dr. Warrior (one of the big names in eating disorders work dubbed me a “fellow warrior” in the fight against diet culture, after speaking with her on the phone

Dr. For Fuck’s Sake, Really? You weighed her Again?!

Dr. Go (go exercise, go have fun and once I start, I can’t stop going in my efforts to build a body positive weight and food neutral world.)

Dr. Radical


Dr. Mermaid Physician (I’m in an online book club and joked that I wanted to be called that, and now I am)