Does Crossfit Make You Crazy?

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Does Crossfit Make You Crazy?

A study from 2013 is good news for a lot of CrossFit supporters. It shows that the exercise program efficiently burns fat and expands a user’s VO2 Max.

But for some people (16% of subjects in the study) injury or overuse can be a barrier to success.

There is nothing too earth-shattering in that finding — some people just aren’t able to safely keep up with the program. And 16% is a relatively small number. But the reaction from both Crossfit and some of their disciples highlights that to them this is more than just exercise.

The study that gave weight to the program is now being sued by CrossFit, calling their findings junk science. And crossfitters have put down their weights and picked up their pitchforks, saying that this peer-reviewed study amounts to libel.

This recent Deadspin article shows that the company considers itself an infallible path to
Screen-Shot-2014-08-06-at-5.16.46-PM-300x167health and enlightenment. Anyone who portrays it as anything less has an agenda and must be smeared.

Even one of the scientists was badgered by the company to the point that he vows to never study the program again.

So if you’ve been curious about CrossFit, remember this: It’s good for the body, but don’t lose your mind.