Don’t Feel Like Running? Checklist For Getting Out There

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Don’t Feel Like Running? Checklist For Getting Out There

This is a great article on what to do if you just don’t feel like getting out there and going for a run. It’s short enough to hop over and check it out for yourself, but if you just don’t have the time (because you’re about to go jog for 10 miles) here is a quick digest:

1. No Pain

Go to a doctor or your favorite PT,  if you feel pain. Don’t try to run through the pain. If that is what’s keeping you on your couch, then schedule an appointment.

2. Make sure it’s not something else

Are you eating enough? Getting plenty of sleep? Is it stress? Depression? If it’s something else then first focus on fixing the something else.

3. Change it up  

Routines can feel very… routine after a while. Surprise your legs and brain and find a new way to log your miles. Try trail running. Try interval training while you jog. Use short bursts of speed mixed with moderate pace jogging – or try mixing in lunges or other movement.

4. Stop being aimless

Start setting goals of where you want to end up so you can visualize obtaining the objectives.

5. Get by with a little help from your friends

Your friends are the ones who can get you to go out on a Wednesday night or to see a random band on a Tuesday. So invite some of them to join you during your training runs.

6. When in doubt, shop

 Go ahead, buy some new shoes or shorts or something you imagine might make you feel great while you are running.

-Shane M.