Are We Drinking Enough Coffee? Experts Say “No”

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Are We Drinking Enough Coffee? Experts Say “No”

Everyone at Starbucks is shotgunning Americanos in celebration as for the first time in its existence, the top dietary panel in the United States has offered their opinion on coffee. And they say we’re not drinking enough.

Espresso SmallYes, breakfast is only getting better as along with the panel’s thumbs up over eggs (which saw an astounding 30% drop in sales after they told people to cut down back in 1961), they are recommending we actually up our coffee intake to 3-5 cups a day. And while this is surprising news for many of us, what may be even more surprising is that despite what seems like a nation obsessed with coffee, we actually don’t even drink that much.

According to the chart in this article, we as Americans are on average not even drinking two a day, which is not going to gain the health benefits that up to five cups can give us, such as decrease in the risk of stroke and Type 2 diabetes. Studies also show coffee consumption can reduce risk of developing some types of cancer (skin, liver, prostate) and depression in women. Coffee is a much better way to ramp up your mental acuity than chugging sugar drenched drinks like Red Bull or Monster.

The downside? Some studies show that high caffeine consumption can lead to insomnia, restlessness and rapid heartbeat. So we recommend including decaf coffee in the mix, if you are going to up your intake.

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