Eggs are healthy. No wait. They’re not healthy. Ugh

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Eggs are healthy. No wait. They’re not healthy. Ugh

We’re done. After it seemed like the egg controversy was finally over, and that consuming them was actually healthy, a new study is out that adds another wrinkle (or is that crack?) to the discussion. From this article:

In their analysis, researchers found a 17 percent increased risk of cardiovascular disease and 18 percent increased risk of premature death associated with each additional 300 milligrams of dietary cholesterol had each day.

Each additional half an egg eaten each day, or three to four eggs per week was associated with a 6 percent higher risk of cardiovascular disease and an 8 percent higher risk of early death.

The study apparently considered variation in diet, so that higher risk of cardiovascular disease was even present among those who mostly ate a healthy diet. We’re a bit tired of the ping-pong match between those who state “eggs are great for you” and those who claim “eggs will kill you.” Honestly, whether eggs are good for you or bad for you may never get solved; our grandchildren may be arguing about this issue. There is a genetic component. Some people are more impacted by diet and egg eating than others, though nobody knows the exact genes that make a person egg-intolerant. We’re also quite bummed because we just upped our egg intake after learning that eggs are very good for the liver – as they contain choline.

So throw all your eggs out or eat six a day. As long as you’re eating well in every other regard, getting enough sleep and getting plenty of exercise then don’t worry about the eggs anymore. Your breakfast will thank you.

-Shane M.